You can work with Dr. Joy, One-on-One, in person, on the phone, skype or in her private online conference room.  Whether you're in the same city, or opposite sides of the globe, Dr. Joy can eliminate your energy blocks, release negative karma and spiritual forces, balance your chakras, introduce you to your angels, orishas or spirits guides, reveal your life purpose, renew your life force, clarify your vision, remove obstacles, blocks, and deterrents, and provide direction for you to attain your highest good.

Working with Dr. Joy will:
  • Will liberate you from limiting self-doubt and allow power, success, and love to flow freely and effortlessly into your life, creating a calm, cool, confidence, keep you living in a perpetual state of gratitude, and create tremendous strides towards your dreams.

  • Attract only the relationships that serve you: Easily form deep connections and lifetime bonds with the people who matter the most to you, and those you need to know - creating beneficial partnerships and alliances.

  • Bulletproof your finances: Detach yourself from the fear and judgment towards money and instead allow wealth and abundance to flow generously into your life to help you attract the experiences you desire without frustration and insecurity.

  • Magically free yourself from all bondages: Start having the power to create life your way in a world exactly as you envision by freeing yourself from past pacts, mending all toxic relationships and destroying any happiness blocks you subconsciously have, so we can clear your path to greatness. 

  • Build up your business and your bank balance through Dr. Joy's spectacular marketing knowledge and amazing techniques in social media, SEO, apps, PR, etc..  ​Dr. Joy has help thousands of people live their dreams, by building their brand.

  • Increase your income by creating multiple sources of income, and a profitable online business under the guidance of Dr. Joy.
Insure Your Success
Increase Your Confidence
Heal & Strengthen Your Body
Lose Weight 
Get Physically Fit
Start a Business
Skyrocket Your Business
Fall in Love
Rev Up the Romance
Build a Loving Relationship
Spiritual Attunement & Protection
Overcome the Past
Individual coaching sessions are available with Dr. Joy in person, on the phone, skype, etc..
         call for or schedule an appointment 
                       - (504) 339-6569 (OJOY)

An introductory session, 1 1/2 - 2 hours is $500, with subsequent 1 hour sessions at $333
​                       ------------------------- 
New Group Coaching Sessions come available as warranted, in our online conference room.  If you are interested in joining a coaching group, email Dr. Joy to be placed on the list.  Group Sessions include Dr. Joy's coaching lessons, empowering and informative pdfs, and an online weekly webinar, all for $1000 per month.  All webinars are recorded and will be emailed out for those unable to attend live sessions.

Dr. Joy offers premium options to those individuals who require top of the line private services.   Whatever your objectives, partner with Dr. Joy to bring the transformation you require.
Call for consultation: (504) 339-6569 (OJOY)

Dr. Joy brings amazing results to corporate clients along various avenues, from social media marketing to SEO, building and maintaining websites, and building and expanding your brand.
Call for consultation: (504) 339-6569 (OJOY)

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