Here, at last, you'll find the answers you've been waiting for...the solutions...the help, the healing, and the power you seek.  The battles you've previously fought, along your journey, has not been in vain, but simply the lessons you needed to learn in order to bring you to a place of enlightenment.  So now that you're here, you will be reminded of your Creator's assignment which was given to you at birth.  Do you remember...?  Huh?  Or did you forget about it?  No worries.  You are a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience.  And your life experience is a physical, emotional, and mental reflection of your individual vision for yourself.  For some it's a mind numbing jumbled mess, a clear path of self destruction and reckless addictions that include over-indulgences in drugs, alcohol, sex, food, bad relationships, crime and cultural dogma.  For others, who are less dramatic, life is boring, painful, and littered with fear, anger, bitterness, hurt, struggle, depression, illness and mental and emotional decay.  Even if you are somewhere in the middle and getting by, You have been led here, wherever you are on your journey, to be, do, and have more.  As a matter of fact, you can have it all.  Let me show you how. 

You are invited to join the MoreJoy Mastery Program.  It will be my pleasure to be your guide.  And I, Dr. Joy, will open up the world you seek, that you probably have glimpses of, or vague memories of from before your birth.  Amazing memories of Spirit...your natural state.  Are you ready?  Are you worthy?  Are you done trying to blindly figure things out?  Are you ready to embark upon Spiritual and Self Mastery at the deepest and most profound level?  Are you ready to re-visit and gain access to the Crystal Cathedral and commune with your Angels, the Orishas, the Master of the Universe?   Are you ready to have your party among them, receive your gifts, and then return to your earthly life, newly enlightened, empowered, and duly blessed.  Then you can carry out your assignment, with powers to heal the mind, body and affairs of others, and bring your present problems to a screeching halt, while ushering in your new life, bringing it to a magnanimous unveiling of truth, love, wealth, health, harmony, beauty, perfection, wisdom and happiness?   Are you ready to really walk with God, and for God on this earth?  Are you ready to experience it, demonstrate it to others, and in other words, be it, do it and have it in the here and now?  Are you ready?

Rebirth   Mastery
          Healing   Empowerment
                                        You & TheeIntegration

Certification: Upon completion you will receive documented certification from Unlimited Joy, MoreJoy Mastery, and Universal Life Church, & The Spiritual Center of Joy in Spiritual Mastery.

Cost:  MoreJoy Mastery is being offered at the reduced price of $1997.00
It's value is $9797.00

This is a hands on magical approach that will change your life experience by doing, not in theory or by study, but by individual direct activity, expression and demonstration.  The course is taught by Dr. Joy predominantly, through video demonstration, phone sessions, and incredible meditation techniques.  It includes a Mastery library as well of amazing authors, and audio/visual material, online classes, and your own website and community for building the life that you desire.  MoreJoy-Mastery will accelerate your financial growth, and bring about phenomenal speed and mental absorption through self mastery and spiritual enlightenment.   You will learn:

Meditation                                                    Spells & Rituals
Chakra Balancing                                      Christian Metaphysics
Crystal Magic                                         Diloggun
Candle Magic                                               Magical Tools
Healing Touch-Reiki                                    Numerology
NeuroLinguistic Programming                   Astrology
Behavioral Hypnosis                                Psychism
Angel Magic                                                                                Ifa - Yoruba Magic -Orishas

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Full Payment - MoreJoy Mastery
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2 Pymts - MoreJoy Mastery
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3 Pymts - MoreJoy Mastery
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4 Pymts - MoreJoy Mastery

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