At the end of her career, in her 50′S, didn’t go to college, no formal business education or training, and no experience! 
Once again the seasoned “experts” said: “You can’t make a business out of this” It can’t be done…  WRONG! Sandy believed differently. She believed it COULD be done.
This is an awesome story about the most powerful strength or your biggest obstacle is not found in circumstance.
It’s not found in luck.  It’s not found in having an edge or advantage.  It’s found in YOU! It’s a simple thing called a belief…
And beliefs can be tricky things because they give birth to other beliefs that support the core belief and if you let go of the wheel so to speak, before you know it you can be spiraling out of control to a destination you don’t want to be.  It takes awareness, focus, determination, and persistence to control and direct our beliefs so our actions that match those beliefs follow.
But what is a belief? A belief is defined as: 
     An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists or…
     Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly help opinion or conviction
Where do they come from? 
     For most people it’s outside influence from mentors, teachers, friends, family, and media portrayal of the truth.
How are they formed? 
     Bit by bit. When an idea is presented to your mind, you instantly start looking for meaning to that idea. You look for              reasons it’s good for your life or reasons it’s bad for you life.
As you start to find small associations to that idea that fit into your life, you automatically expand on them both for and against accepting that idea. After you gather enough data to make a decision of whether this is “true or untrue” a belief is formed.  And this can all happen in an instant with barely a conscious thought. 

Seeing the basics of what beliefs are, knowing that YOU create them and control what you believe, and knowing that you had to accept something as true or untrue to form a belief, can you see how easy it could be to create new beliefs?
Most of the stuff I see out there on this topic is focused on “how your beliefs limit you”. And I don’t really think that’s the best approach to using this power you have.  Instead, I’d rather focus on creating my beliefs to serve me. This is why people tell us to build dream boards, meditate, surround ourselves with the kind of people we want to model, read books that are filled with the seeds of new ideas that we can build beliefs from and so on.  But do it in a way that is focused on creating rather than undoing or changing.  Because it’s actual VERY simple and it works much better that way! Not because it’s magic, not because we’re special, and not because some other force of nature is making it work.  It works because the way we form our beliefs is how we mechanically work as human beings so if you focus on finding evidence to turn your inspiring ideas into a belief, it’s the ONLY thing you’ll find!
       So don’t you think it makes sense to spend a little time shaping what controls it all? Your beliefs! - Matt Morris

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