Dr. Joy is accurate, intelligent, and practical.
Her guidance will lead you to the accomplishment of your desires.  Relationship problems, Money, Business, No Luck, Protection, whatever the issue!  Call Dr. Joy.  
No mumbo-jumbo!  Nothing to figure out!  Just serious advice to heal your life!
Dr. Joy has dedicated her life to helping others help themselves.  Her psychic readings are direct, clear, and precise. She is well known for 
pulling a rabbit out of her hat!
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   If you're seriously ready to hear the truth,       solve your problems and begin improving      your life today, schedule a reading
Call (504) 339-6569 or (504) 339-OJOY
     between 10AM-9PM Central or email me                                 

Cost is:
$150 for up to 30 min. 

$250 for an hour

are $50 for 3 questions

or $90 for up to 6 questions

   After making your payment, Click here to       send in your name, date of birth, and your       detailed questions.
​       No reading request will be accepted
 without payment.
***(Please include the name and D.O.B. of any other person you are inquiring about, if known).  
You will receive an 1000 word (approx.)
 e-mail response within 24 hours
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Dr. Joy is amazing in her technique, skill and talent in taking you from where you are, to where you want to be.  Part of it is helping you develop a new mindset that is supportive of your goals, but mostly it is an innate understanding of the business of taking the steps necessary to eliminate failure, based upon your programming.  Then, counteracting the negative with the positive, healing the wounds of the past, and removing the obstacles in front of you, being aware of the road signs along the way, while keeping you on track, and thusly insuring your 
success and happiness.   
Dr. Joy then adds her magic to the blueprint!
Perception, action and attraction determine your  success in any endeavor.  But habits and desires generally dictate the type of relationships you develop, as well as the outcome, before you even start.  While accomplishing your goals will determine your success (if they prove themselves of value to you); it's your relationships with others that determine your happiness.
Dr. Joy designs and reveals your personal blueprint that brings it all into being, and shows you how to alleviate the behavior, patterns and the thinking that will sabotage your growth.  Your weekly calls, and assignments are clear, direct and precise.  Let Dr. Joy get you to the finish line, with services that include  personal and professional coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, Reiki Treatments, Rituals, Holistic Treatments and Healing.    
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One Time Coaching Session - $250 
1 hour Energy Clearing Session - $400
            Fix my Life retainer - $333 per mo    

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Stop Guessing Your Way through Life!
Amazing Psychic Life Coaching
for your Mind, Body & Affairs - by Dr. Joy
Done in-person, over the Phone, E-mail or Skype
There are many types of mystics, fortune tellers, readers and advisers, as well as, life coaches and spiritual healers, but Dr. Joy is all of that and more, and she will help you solve your problems, and attain your goals.
Dr. Joy will help you design and create
the life that you desire!

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Have you met with an usual condition or problem that you just can't seem to shake?  Or are you trapped, cursed, blocked or barred from living a life of happiness, having a loving partner, earning a good living, or achieving your goals?  Has your efforts to overcome obstacles been fruitless and unproductive no matter what you do? 
Sometimes there are conditions outside of  yourself that have compromised your growth or circumstances.  Whether it be an enemy, a negative circumstance, karmic  or ancestral debts, your own sins of the past, etc., these situations  won't just go away.  You'll continue to repeat the same cycle until you've been freed of it. 
Joy can help.  Through a clearing and uncrossing process you can be freed of it.  And since our Creator is infinite, distance is not a problem. 
This is generally a 1 - 2 hour process that can be done on the phone, whether it's an individual, a business or property that's blocked.  Call for an appointment, and free yourself today. The cost is $300.  (504) 339-6569
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for Success, Business Affairs
& Love Relationships
Life Coaching
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