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Our President and Founder is   Dr. Joy Spaulding, a truly gifted and loving angelite (earth angel) dedicated to teaching truth and total positive well-being.  Dr. Joy is a Spiritual Healer, Counselor, Success Coach, High Priestess and practices African Shamanism, in the Yoruba tradition, Angel Magic and she strives to help others heal their  body, mind, soul and affairs.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Joy.

Thank you for visiting Unlimited Joy.   This website is offered in the spirit of love, beauty, and healing.    Enjoy!  And visit often, as this site is continually updated with new info, meditations, products and services.  Your  comments, stories and love are welcome.
Photographs of Dr. Joy were taken by Daniel Zielinsky.  They were received in high gratitude, love and joy.
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Simply put, Unlimited Joy is a personal, professional and spiritual organization dedicated to helping people grow from where they are to where they want to be.  We've started a Movement.  Through life or success coaching, training and support, using metaphysical principles, energy work, meditation, alternative healing treatments, rituals and applications, while practicing and implementing certain lifestyle and business strategies, offline and online marketing and social networking techniques, along with healing and helping our members overcome their previous challenges, fears, diseases of the mind, body and affairs, we are committed to living a life of Unlimited Joy.

There is one common denominator in failing health, relationship problems, financial insufficiency, addictions, mental and emotional issues, and criminal actions;  and that starts and ends with an understanding, and an alignment with one presence, one energy, one system that has created and continues to sustain our lives.  This, by the way, has little to do with religion, which is simply the way one chooses to worship and practice their beliefs.

Unlimited Joy is a movement dedicated to the growth, inspiration, education, and personal, professional, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment of all.

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